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One who gains mastery will create his own opportunities. - Chinese Proverb

Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT is a skill I use to assess, sustain, and improve the contractile efficiency of the neuromuscular system. The MAT process ensures maintenance and improvement of the integrity of your joints, while we work toward your fitness goals. This tool enables me to search for and correct your muscular imbalances so you may receive the full benefits from exercise. If you want to learn more, check out the MAT website hyperlinked above. Visit for more info on MAT.

Resistance Training Specialist

The Resistance Training Specialist Program teaches exercise professionals like myself, to understand and apply the principles of human function. We do this by learning bio-mechanics, physics, and human physiology, which are the building blocks of all exercise. With the continued learning and application of these principles, I am able to customize each exercise to fit the clients needs/or goals. Visit for more info on RTS.

Neuromuscular Health

By combining my expertise in Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training I am able to assess, maintain and improve the state of your neuromuscular system. If you're ready to work with me to create the changes you want to see or feel, Fundamental Fitness is ready to help.