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Kate Allgood

Quantum Performance

Sport psychology is concerned with understanding the “mental game”, whether that game is athletic or otherwise. It is about human performance and building the necessary mental skills and techniques necessary to perform consistently and effectively regardless of the situation. Sport psychology is a discipline that investigates and seeks to understand the factors that are involved in reaching and consistently maintaining optimal performance – to strive to achieve one’s best.

Dr. Jessica Lee

Upper Cervical San Diego

Dr. Jessica Lee has a passion and mission to help people live abundant, healthy lives and to give them the freedom to do the things they love to do. Dr. Jessica Lee’s focus is on one’s quality of life, not simply pain relief. She used to suffer from mid back pain, neck pain, and terrible tension headaches for years. With chiropractic care, not only did her health problems completely resolve, but she also discovered her calling. She has since dedicated her life to helping others discover the wonderful benefits of Upper Cervical care.

Stephanie Keenan

The AthElite and SKFitlife

Stephanie Keenan is renowned for her High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) “Rock-It” programs affectionately nick-named after her military “rocket-scientist” background. Stephanie prides herself on making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s a competitive athlete reaching for elite levels or a busy mom short on time and in need of a quick and effective routine. She has helped hundreds of clients and thousands of fans reach their goals through sharing these quick, ultra-effective routines. See her podcast at: http://www.skfitlife.com/podcast

Angela Leone Buzan

Angie's Pilates Haus

As a Professional Pilates teacher Angie seeks to inspire clients to move with ease so that they can enjoy their lives and have the confidence to walk with purpose and passion. She works with students of all ages and levels from professional athletes to baby boomers and adolescents. Together with her clients, they work to understand the functional movement patterns that will help them achieve their goals with long lasting results. It gives her pure joy to teach the Pilates Method in its true authenticity how Joseph Pilates intended it to be. She believes that the Pilates Method is capable of transforming minds and bodies into the highest optimal health and condition.